Short Story Yale

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Yale was just a short runty boy, around 6 years old. He never had a true family but he was always living with someone. Yale does not know who his real family is and he cannot remember much. He also does not know where he was born or any of his friends. Yale is very short and has some very strange features about his body. Yale is missing 2 fingers from his dominant hand, which is his right hand. Nobody knows what happened to the little boys hand and he probably never will. Yale is in Chicago right now but he does not know where in Chicago. None of these things I just explained are Yale's real conflict though. He had been captured by an old man he does not know. He doesn’t know how long ago and he doesn’t know how old he is but he has been…show more content…
The moldy side walls from not being used. The rust staining the last side of freshly brewed pain on the walls. Yale did not know the man that put him in this room and he does not remember anything. All of the descriptive features about Yale I just explained now do not matter. All that matters in the room he is stuck in. It was a foggy day and the sun was trying to see over two clouds in front of him. The ground was burning like black asphalt bathing in the hot sun. Yale was wandering home from the pizzeria he loves and he halted because he saw a man trying to get his puppy back in the truck. He has never really had any parenting about stranger danger so he wanted to help. Yale walked over there very slowly and asked the man , Do you need any help with your dog?.” The man was sort of tall and white. He had blue eyes and very long hair that was as greasy as a…show more content…
When Yale woke up from his unconsciousness he had a quick flashback of his mom and his first family. He had a sister and a brother. His mom used to do everything for him. That is until she disappeared one day. That’s when Yale’s life really started going downhill. He went into a stage of his life where everything was negative. He did not know what to do so he ran away and never went back. That’s when he started going from house to house trying to find something to do. Then this happens, he gets kidnapped and put into a room. Now he is stuck. Put into a bind where his mind has to fight the will to survive. A problem where only his physical state can keep him from rotting away. Yale is just a kid and kids find ways to get out of these problems. After the long dreadful day, Yale wanted to hit the hay. His mind was very hectic and he was thinking of a million things. He finally fell asleep after about 2 hours of rambling about different things. He woke up the next morning at…… he doesn’t know what time because he can’t see outside. He woke up and started to try and figure everything about the room out.. He
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