Short Story : ' You Know Nothing About Me '

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LibrarianGoddess101: “You know nothing about me yet. Interesting how strongly you feel about this.” The man watches his wife remove his wallet from his coat pocket then disappear with it into the bedroom. God damn it, he thinks, there goes any hope for having a beer, tonight, or doing anything other than watching some Lifetime Movie with my wife. The wife appears, again, from the bedroom and moves toward the couch. The man quickly closes his laptop. “I, uh, saw you took my wallet into the bedroom,” the man says. The wife doesn’t answer. “I was going to run to the store to get cigarettes,” the man continues. “You need to quit smoking,” the wife replies. The man simply clenches his jaw and smiles to his wife. There’s no escape, the man thinks. I need to get away from here. I need to be free of this stone-hearted harpy. The wife gets up from the couch then disappears into the bedroom while the man removes his pants and puts on a pair of athletic shorts. The man goes to the kitchen and removes a bag of potato chips from the cupboard. As he reaches his hand inside to grab a chip, his wife’s head appears from around the corner. “Don’t eat the chips,” she says, “Those are for your son.” “Okay, dear,” the man smiles as he places the bag of chips back into the cupboard. “Tell your affairs that you talk with online to buy you chips,” the wife says. “There are no affairs,” the man says. The man leans against the counter with his arms folded, waiting for his wife to
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