Short Story : ' Your Honour '

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Daisy looked up at her date through thick lashes, coated in mascara. A lopsided smile crept over her face. Her date was ideal, tall, dark and handsome. Brought together by a Tinder match, they dined at a familiar restaurant. “So Lucas, what would you say is your favourite part of your job? Would it be helping bring justice into the world? Or is it the robes and fancy titles?” She teased. “I enjoy dealing with criminals, even though as a state Magistrate I deal with less serious cases. However, being called ‘your honour’ is something that never fails to make me feel better on a bad day,” he explained, “there aren’t many people who have more power than me.” “That sounds very interesting. My boss drives me crazy sometimes, he doesn’t understand the concept of ‘free time’,” Daisy said. Lucas leaned towards her across the table, eyes focused on her with interest. “You’re a researcher, right?” he asked, “Are you paid for overtime?” “Nope, I could just about strangle him when he gives me more work five minutes before I leave,” she complained, “I love my job and so does he. I think he wishes the rest of us were into it as much as he is. I love researching medieval history but it’s not my whole life. I want to have a family with kids eventually, what am I going to do then? I can’t just ignore them for my job.” Lucas placed his hand on top of hers, comforting her. “You don’t deserve to be taken advantage of like that. I know it’s only our first date but I
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