Short Story of a Mysterious Shadow and Attempted Murder

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The wood squeak underneath her feet was the only sound.
‘There is no time to waste,’ she thought. As she expect, the sound did not come from inside the office.
Silently Alexia made her way out of the office, her weapon in her hand. It was hard for her to think of anything else at the moment, as she tried to concentrate on the upcoming assignment. She saw the shadow in the back yard. Alexia swung to the right, observing every detail. She immediately reacts to the strange sound without any hesitation while checking her firearm’s magazine. There was no movement in the yard.
In less than a second she was on her way to the forest, doing the best she could to follow the shadow.
She shivers in the chilly night. The neighborhood appears to be asleep. Few lights outshine from windows. Alexia examines the road. There were several unfamiliar vehicles, which appear empty.
Alexia stood in the dark, listening to the silence. Suddenly, she heard the sound of a chirping animal. She frowns. Alexia grips her firearm firmly. She made her way across to the backyard, but nothing appears out of order.

Alexia shifts her gaze to the lights that shone from the rear window of her mansion.
She stares at the window, and ran to her Lilly’s Cottage’s door and pound on it. She waits, then pounds again. “It’s Alexia. Open the door, please.”
When Lilly did not respond, she grabs the knob and…

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