Short Summary Of Us And Them By David Sedaris

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In the story “Us and Them” by David Sedaris, the narrator doesn’t live a life like a normal child. The narrator’s family moves very frequently. Currently they're living in a rented home, and will be moving shortly. So they don’t bother making too many neighborhood friends because then they're going to have to say goodbye in a few weeks. They did make one friend in their neighborhood, but the narrator’s mom believes one friend is good enough. She heard that someone in the neighborhood, named the tomkeys, don’t believe in tv! “The only place that seemed truly different was owned by a man named Mr. Tomkey, who did not believe in television. This was told to us by our mother's friend, who dropped by one afternoon with a basketful of okra.”
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Tomkey did not own a television, and you began hearing that while this was all very well and good, it was unfair of him to inflict his beliefs upon others, specifically his innocent wife and children. The narrator and the narrator’s mom thought the tomkeys were a bit out of the ordinary. Yes the tomkeys not having a tv in their home is a bit different from everyone, but you don’t need a tv to have a normal life. They didn’t own a tv, they didn’t believe in tv. What else could there be? The narrator was a bit curious so he decided to look through the tomkeys windows during the day, or at night. He preferred to peek through the tomkeys windows at night time because there was a lower chance that he would get caught. The narrator thinks not having a tv is weird, peering through people’s windows is even weirder. Spying on people isn’t something anyone would do Actually no one would every spy on people through their windows. That’s not something normal people do. I wanted to know what this something was, and so I began peering through the Tomkeys' windows. During the day I'd stand across the street from their house, acting as though I were waiting for someone, and at night, when the view was better and I had less chance of being discovered, I would creep into their yard and hide in the bushes
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