Short Summary Of Ziggy's Story

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Ziggy’s story By Ziggy Long long ago there is an island and there is a peaceful village on the island.Until on day a person named Ziggy come to the village.He is a person who has the technology to build a nuclear bomb.All the countries want to find him.They will give him a lot to get the technology to build a nuclear bomb. One day Ziggy wants to build a nuclear bomb on the island to have a test.When the nuclear bomb is almost finished. The army of the countries came the island to find him but Ziggy find that someone is coming so he hide himself on the island.They try to find him on the island likely they didn’t find him.But they take away the nuclear bomb which is almost finished.Then they went back to their country to learn to use the nuclear bomb . Ziggy find that his bomb was lost he thought a lot about what will happened if the bad guys get the nuclear bomb.Then he go into the village to find someone who can help him to find the nuclear bomb back. But the people in the village thought it was really dangerous they want to have a safe life and they don’t want to fight.At night Ziggy was smoking at his room,four boys came in and tell him that they can help him to find the bomb back.Then they start to build some weapons and they also build a speed boat. After finished that they went to the lands carefully ,they have already get on the land for several days. But they find nothing one day they get together and say :” we must find other ways to find where the army is, we are doing nothing these days .” A few days later they find a truck which looks like a military vehicle. They follow the truck carefully then the truck get into the army then they stop the car and go up the highest building beside the army. When they get to the top of the building Ziggy find the bomb was in the army the army try to use it to fight. He think he must take the bomb away or the world will be in trouble. They are waiting for the truck come out again so they can get on the truck and get into the army. They find the rules of the truck entering and leaving , in the morning the four boys are waiting on the road, and Ziggy act as a old man crossing the road, the truck was stopped then the four boys get on the truck and get into the

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