Short Summary: Why Split Fingernails Occur?

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How splitting fingernails occur?
Description: If you know the real causes behind Splitting fingernails, then you will definitely be able to think about the preventive measures that are pretty effective and can protect your nails from damages.
Splitting fingernails is also referred to as brittle fingernails. In this case, your nails will get split into layers. As per the current survey, almost 20% fellows are getting affected with this nail trouble every year. There are few health conditions that are highly responsible for the occurrence of split fingernails.
What are the prominent causes of split fingernails?
• Moisture: Excessive exposure towards moisture can invite split fingernails. If you have got sensitive or thin nail, then water will get easily absorbed within the same.
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While doing different kinds of kitchen tasks you have to wash your hands with various cleaning solutions and these solutions contained chemicals. These chemicals sometimes remain hidden within the nails and react adversely as a result of which split fingernails occur. These chemicals are really quite harmful for your nails and this is the reason you are advised using only rubber gloves while doing varied kitchen activities. Polishing your nails with special coats can also be treated as one of the best ideas in this regard.
• Iron deficiency: This kind of deficiency is quite common these days and this leads to the occurrence of anaemia which is again the most prominent reason for brittle fingernails. Haemoglobin can be produced with the presence of iron and if sufficient amount of iron is not found within blood, then the count of RBC carrying oxygen will get decreased. Anaemia leads to few symptoms like cold feet and hands, poor appetites, headaches, pale skin and others. This is the reason if you are facing these kinds of symptoms, then you should immediately go to or doctor for proper medical
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