Short Term Assignment : East Middle University's ( Emu ) Finances

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Mid-term assignment: EDHE 6710, Fall 2014
East-Middle University’s (EMU) finances are in jeopardy. In an effort to cut costs after a dramatic increase in tuition, EMU President Rhea has consulted with her colleagues at EMU, as well as her peers at similar institutions, to explore additional measures to control finances. Public funds have a much smaller role in institutions’ finances due to insufficient tax revenue, increased spending, and reduction in federal grants (Eckel & Morphew, 2009). President Rhea has made a decision to eliminate the position of Vice President of Student Affairs as well as other associate vice presidencies to reduce costs. She does plan to maintain current entry- and mid-level staff which will be clustered as a “student services” unit. By restructuring the organization and the hierarchy of the institution, President Rhea hopes to be able to successfully pursue EMU’s mission in an efficient manner.
President Rhea appears to be responding to the problem as if EMU were a bureaucratic institution. Bureaucratic institutions have many strengths. As Robert Birnbaum explains in How Colleges Work (1988), there are standard operating procedures and rules that are to be followed. There is a clear path to achieve the desired end. This ensures that defined goals are accomplished in an efficient, effective, and orderly manner. Roles exist to complete specific tasks, not to utilize an individual’s strength. Information is distributed through the…

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