Short Term Effects Of Animal Abuse

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an animal that is being abused? Well, maybe you should think about it and see if it will affect people, families, and society. Lots of animals are neglected because their owners don’t care or want them anymore. They abuse an animal and pretend like nothing happened. It has a big impact on many people, hearing that an animal or a pet is getting abused. It’s heartbreaking to see them with no home or no owner to love and take care for. Many, many animals get abused because of their owners. These animals’ owners get mad about something personal in their life and they start taking it out on their animals. That’s not right to treat animals that way! That person should NEVER take things out on his/her…show more content…
“Emotional pain in animals: invisible world of hurt”. It states that “But even more, it is an opportunity to remind ourselves that animals suffer emotional pain, too , and although the physical cuts and bruises have long healed, the psychological damage can persist.” This means that people should care about how animals feel because they have feelings too and you should care because if you were an animal getting abused, how would you feel? This is why people should care about how animals feel if their getting abused. Everyone has emotions, including animals. There are many reasons why people are cruel to animals. In the website < > It states that “ Animal Cruelty, like any other form of violence, is often committed by a person who feels powerless, unnoticed or under the control of others.” This shows that if a person feels worthless or powerless, they start taking it out on things or animals that are more under their control. So when that person is mad or frustrated, they start taking it out on their animals. Some local solutions to do with animal abuse is on the website < >. This website shows that local solutions will use all the authority that they have received to make sure that all animals have care, according to the law. This also means that lots of people are trying to stop animal abuse, so the police made a law were…show more content…
Some local solutions to stop animal abuse is to report concerns about what is happening to that animal during that crime. In the website < >, it states “ In accordance with Federal Laws 1-3, individuals reporting violations of any of the regulations in the Animal Welfare Act may do so without fear of being discriminated against or be subject to reprisals.” This quote means that people should not be scared to fight back and just call when you see an act of any abuse to an animal and that no one should be scared or afraid to call the
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