Short Term Effects Of Concussions

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If concussions are related to permanent brain damage, then the amount of time spent in recovery should be increased, as supplying ample amount of time will provide reassurance that the brain has healed for athletes who recover quickly and for athletes who naturally need more time to recover. Time given to these athletes are extremely short due to the amount of time it takes for the short term effects to vanish. In the article 1, it states that high school athletes have a higher rate of concussion occurrences opposed to older athletes. The article also states that post-concussion syndrome, symptoms including head aches, dizziness, irritability, and depression, can last up to six weeks. Of these six weeks, only one is spent resting which could prove to be dangerous since high school students are three times more likely to receive a concussion, and as Article 4 explains, that is doubled for females since they are more likely to suffer brain injuries. It could be argued that technology has progressed to the point where helmets reduce the damage, as well as the recovery time. However, it is know that helmets reduce damage, but it is not know whether…show more content…
Mentioned in article 1 and further explained in article 3, depression can take place during the 6 weeks these symptoms take place. But while depression can take place in the 6 week period, it can also last throughout the athlete's life. Specifically stated in article 3, Players who receive a concussion the first time are more likely to receive a second one, also known as "Second Impact Syndrome". Some long term effects include long-term memory loss, emotional distress, depression, slowing of certain movement and higher risk of suicide. These effects can last from a few months up to 30 years. The recovery time for athletes need to be lengthened because short term and long term effects can lead up to death even if the injury is not
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