Short Term Effects Of Concussions In Youth Sports

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The main objective of the article is to ascertain if a season of youth football effects cognition in children. The effects will be measured via the Child-SCAT3 test, of 8-12 year old boys, both football players and non-contact sport athletes. The test was given at pre and post season, and the scores were compared. This paper mostly deals with short term effects of concussions prone sports. While the paper does not deal specifically with concussion afflicted individuals, it does measure a group prone to these concussive blows. However, it is concluded there is no statistical data proving the sport to be harmful. This is useful, since it supports the theory that not all contact sport athletes will receive a concussion. They found that football…show more content…
David Jennings is the corresponding author, and holds five degrees in the area of physical training. As such, he is the main author and approves all the methods and such used in the paper. He he works at Belmont University as an active physical therapist and athletic trainer teacher. Additionally, there is no clearly stated bias. The study was performed by the School of Physical Therapy of Belmont University. This is a neutral source, since they are not actively involved in any youth sports programs, and would not benefit form either a cover-up or exposure of concussion related complications. This is a strictly informational article, and does not attempt to advertise any specific product in line with the results. Since this is a peer reviewed journal article, there are a plethora of cited sources. This article uses footnotes, so every reference is cited by a number which correlates to a source in the works cited page. Overall there are 26 cited sources, and the majority have links to the original…show more content…
While the data does not support any long term damages due to one season of youth football, it does acknowledge there is a decrease in cognitive functions compared to children non involved in contact sports. Additionally, the paper acknowledges the study can be expanded and repeated I the future to ascertain legitimacy. This article is fairly recent, having been published in October of 2015. There have been no new discoveries which have delegitimized data attained during this time frame. As such, the results are still valid. Additionally, all methods and procedures are still valid and
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