Short Term Effects Of Horror Movies

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Horror movies are the creators of terror that gets a person’s adrenaline coursing. Overall it’s like an uncontrollable roller coaster ride. Many people enjoy horror movies, but for others, it can cause significant pain and displeasure. Horror movies have been around forever. “Horror movies since their early days in the 1930’s have a history of people fainting, reliving traumatic experiences, having seizures and even dying from heart attacks while watching them” (SSRF Blog ). But, when it comes to how they affect the community many people are divided. There are people who overall just want nothing to do with them. But there are those who just can’t live without them. Many people come to love them and then again many people come to hate them.
What people fail to realize is that horror movies come with side effects. Especially when young kids watch horror movies. They can consist of short term and long term effects. For the short term effects, it can start with accelerating heart rate and breathing rapidly. Horror movies are known to be suspenseful and there to create the element of fear.
That’s what they are mass-marketed to do. It increases the blood flow throughout the body creating more suspense for the viewer. “Increased heart rate, with fear, also goes hand in hand with increased respiration rate to get as much oxygen into the body as possible, in preparation for either fleeing or fighting whatever's scaring you” (JR Thorpe). Once the heart is pumping and one begins
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