Short Term Goal : Next Portfolio Course

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Short Term Goal (Next portfolio course) 1. Specifics • Who: I will be attending an career job fair that is being hosted by companies in Seattle’s that are fortune 500 companies. The name of this event is Seattle’s Premiere Sales and Professional Job Fair • What: My main goal I plan to accomplish by attending this event is to for a couple of reasons. First, I plan to research a few companies. I plan on asking questions to find out about entry level positions. I will also be able to go over my résumé with them, and explain how I can be an ideal candidate for any position that I would qualify for. • Where: This job fair will be held at the Westin Seattle Hotel, on September 21, 2016 from the hours of 11:30 am – 2:00 pm. • Why: I am doing this to 2. Measurable • I am not sure this can be tracked, but I believe if I can 10 résumé in with me and all 10 have been handed out to employers I feel this is the best progess that can be made 3. Attainble/Achievable • This goal is very reasonable given the time frame I gave myself, as long as I am utilizing all of my time there conveying my personal brand to the companies that I speak with 4. Relevant • I do believe all of my goals are like stairway, each being a step up from the other, each opportunity leads closer to obtaining a job that I will feel truly comfortable and passionate about 5. Timely • This will be done in the given time frame, because the date for this event is set and I have reserved my spot for attendance
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