Short Term Implication Of Snow Angels

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Local News Vancouver’s “Snow Angels” busy in brutal winter weather Issues that had affected older adults During the winter season in Vancouver last December seniors especially those with limited mobility found it challenging to shovel the snow on their side walk. This also has made it difficult for seniors to walk out of their home and leave their house if the snow is not cleared. Seniors practically for those riding scooters, wheel chairs, cane, or walker has find the road too slippery to travel in (Figure.1). With the help from the Snow Angel Program there was volunteers that would come in to help anyone that needed assistance clearing the ice and snow around their area. Short-term implication With the help of Snow Angels Program. …show more content…

So they rather not take risk by going outside. What societal values are apparent? From this news article the society has consider the danger of seniors falling or slipping on ice and snow as a dangerous matter. The chances of their fall is high especially during the winter season. The realized that seniors find difficult to do normal daily tasks if they are stuck at home due to the unsafe road conditions. Therefore this program is implemented and seniors can call this number 311 for help from Snow Angel. Key stakeholders and policy-makers that should be involved Shoveling the snow should be every citizen problem especially for those that owns a property. Even under the law everyone has to shovel their snow or else they can be fined. The policy-makers for shoveling snow is the municipal of British Columbia and also the provincial government. For the Snow Angel Program is formed by the community to gather people together to help those in need. What needs to happen for this to happen in the future? Keep the Snow Angel Program and continue to raise people awareness about this issue. Raise people awareness so they can be considerate of this matter and remind them to always shovel their snow on their pavement after it snowed or it can be dangerous for anyone to travel on. Also to make people become aware of the seniors that live around their neighbourhood as well and maybe to help them shovel the snow if

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