Short-Term Memory Loss in Finding Nemo's Dori

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The beloved Disney movie Finding Nemo features both a colorful underwater landscape and a psychologically diverse cast of characters. From the obsessive Bubbles (a fish obsessed with bubbles) and Gurgle (the germophobic fish at the dentists office), to the shark trio that refuses to eat fish, and the confused Deb, who thinks her reflection is actually her twin sister, Flo, most of the characters in the movie seem to exhibit some sort of quirky condition. Nemo himself has a physical disability (his “lucky fin”) that he learns to overcome in order to develop self-confidence. Marlin also exhibits anxiety and trust issues, which he overcomes throughout the course of the movie. One of the main characters, Dory, has a specific disability that she must learn to adapt to in order to complete her journey: short-term memory loss. Dory is perhaps the most beloved character in Finding Nemo because she has such a big heart and radiates optimism despite (and possibly because of) her struggles with short-term memory loss. When we first meet Dory, she clumsily swims into a frantic Marlin, who is searching for his recently lost son. Dory agrees to help him look, but while leading Marlin to where she last saw a boat, she forgets what she was doing and mistakes Marlin for a stalker, quickly becoming defensive, much to Marlin’s confusion. Luckily she understands and explains to him that she has a condition called short-term memory loss, which she claims runs in her family

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