Essay on Short Term Pastoral Counseling Final

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Solution-Based, Short-Term Pastoral Counsleing Final Project


Mike Garner

Presented to Dr. Robyn Simmons
In partial fulfillment of the requirements of
Introduction to Pastoral Counseling
PACO 500

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Lynchburg, VA
March 3, 2013

My future ministry will be as Co-Pastor of a medium sized Community Church in Lewisville, Texas. Each Sunday the church will have approximately 240 in attendance of Sunday morning worship service. My overarching goal for life is to live in and teach others how to grow in the hope that comes from the redemption provided by Jesus Christ. (2 Timothy 3:16-17; Ephesians 1:7)
I will be using the solution-based, short-term pastoral counseling model based
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Building rapport with the counselee is more than being friendly, it is vital that the counselor understands the problem that is presented. Equally important is that the counselor has a clear understanding of their own personality in order to recognize possibilities for disconnect with the counselee before they occur. Once understanding is achieved, the counselor can construct an environment that encourages growth or relocation away from the problem (Hawkins, pt. 2). As stated in the beginning, this counseling model recognizes that the counselee is the source of the solution, but by establishing “Fit,” the counselor can create a context for change. This context is developed through a counseling style that conveys empathy, respect and authenticity. These elements can only be demonstrated if they already reside within the counselor, as a result of a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ (Hawkins pt. 2). Assessment of the problem is an element that must occur in the first session. While there many tools specifically designed for assessment, those tools require specific training and can compromise the time limitations for this model. Assessment in this process is primarily an exercise of the counselor listening well while the counselee talks (Hawkins, pt. 3).
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