Short Writing : A Short Story

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“Abby, Abby get up, get up” My younger sister, Kate, squealed while bouncing up and down. I shot up out of my warm sleeping bag to feel a rush of fresh morning air surround me. “What do you want, it’s so early. It barley even light out you know.” I whined as I rubbed my half open eyes. The birds started chirping as we talked. “You’ve got to get up! We’re going to go swimming at the lake!” Kate exclaimed. She ran out the front of the tent to wake the others. My twin, who had been sharing the tent with me, was already up and at the bathroom. Feeling as heavy as a rock, I forced myself to stand up and start to get my stuff together. I picked out my pale teal bathing suit, my favorite shorts, and bubble gum pink tank top. After changing into my chosen outfit I slipped on the flip flops by the door, grabbed my toothbrush and tooth paste, and headed out the door. Ziip, I heard while closing the zipper of the tent. I hustled over to the crusty bathrooms to meet my twin, Megan. “Good m-“A glob of white toothpaste dropped from her mouth. “Well good morning to you too!” I chuckled. I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth out in the ice cold faucet water. Lifting my head to the mirror I realized that my hair looked like a birds nest. As quickly as I could I twirled my hair into a lose top not on my head, that’s better, I thought. Exiting the dirty, shadowy restroom my sister and I stepped into the glow of the warm sun which seemed as if it was smiling at us. “Looks like a
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