Short analytical report based on finding a technical document

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1.1 Background

The successful organization is the one that communicates well both internally and with other companies and clients. In fact, information flow is crucial to any organization and the better the flow the more successful it is.

At work a great of information is convoyed in technical documents, some of the tasks tackled by their writer are; proposals, reports, instruction. Technical writing communicates highly specific information. Most of it is prepared by professionals, such as engineers, scientists and other technicians. Even though it presents technical, a technical document should be easy to understand.

1.2 Aim

The purpose of this report is to explain, discusses and analysis in variable
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4.0 Graphics

"Graphic serve as a universal language" said by Brucker (2002). There are many advantages of using graphic in technical document. Graphic communication represents ideas, relationship or connections visually with shapes, diagram and line. For example, some of the 'No Smoking' signs display in public place. (Dwyer, 2003).

In this report, the model of the Pioneer's operation manual was 8850MP model, which is the top range car stereo head unit of Pioneer. The price in retail store is around AUD 800 and the unit contains many high technology features, such as ipod compatibility and Bluetooth. Surprisingly, the operation manual looks like a cheap heater or a fan operation manual. It used black and white color which shows bad quality pictures, and the pictures are also very small to see. Moreover, it seem like the writers want to used less pictures as possible to describes the operational function, which is definitely too little to understand. (See appendix D).

On the other hand, compare with O2 mobile phone operational manual (see appendix E) which also has high technology features and selling at the same price. It can see much difference between them. The O2 manual used color pictures, it also have graph and table which make it look interesting to read
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