Short answer leading and motivating a team Essay example

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Short answer questions 1 - Leading and motivating a team effectively

Know how to communicate the organisation’s vision and strategy to the team

1.1 Explain the importance of the team having a common sense of purpose that supports the overall vision and strategy of the organisation (16 marks)
A shared sense of purpose in an organisation is important as it unites employees working in an organisation and can also extend to external stakeholders. An organisations shared sense of purpose represents its identity and therefore the services it provides and the persons and organisations that benefit from these services.
A shared sense of purpose is important because it
• Ensures employees from across an organisation are working towards
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Feedback was as follows.
My written communication skills are very strong. I believe this is mostly due to development of my writing in my previous PR role and the 3 years I spent working with a community of international researchers necessitating a need for clear instructions without the use of particularly advanced English vocabulary. My emails are very clear, they are friendly but make clear distinction between information I am passing on and actions which need to be addressed. Deadlines and what is expected of the recipient is clearly stated.
My persuasion skills were also thought to be strong as was ability to motivate and empathise and bring people round to my way of thinking. One respondent commented that I have a “very nice way of nagging people”.
My listening skills could be improved. I am sometimes too keen to ask questions when a person has not finished speaking and my need to plan and “put things into neat boxes” can feel imposing on people with different learning styles and very creative personalities. I also have a tendency to write extensive notes in meetings and 1-2-1’s in order not to miss anything and to record peoples responses correctly – this can, however, come across as my being disengaged from the conversation and “not taking on board what is said”.
My presenting skills are good. My visuals in presentations are clear and slides interesting with
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