Shortage Of Nurses And Healthcare Workers

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I believe that there is a shortage of nurses in the United States and in other counties throughout the world. There is a big shortage of nurses and healthcare workers in the nursing home where I worked at. To solve the problem of the nursing shortage, management hired travel nurses to come into the facility to work. I think travel nurses can be helpful in some ways and hurtful in other ways. Staff at the nursing home gave the travel nurses a hard time because they were getting paid more money for the same job. Another problem with the travel nurses was that they rarely showed up to work and called off often. I think that one way to keep travel nurses from calling off or not showing up is to have them sign a contract. Although, most traveling nurses sign a contract, my facility did not have signed contract nurses come in. I am currently a travel nurse and I had to sign a six month contract and will be penalized if I don’t complete it. There is also a nursing shortage at the current job that I am contracted through, even though they contract nurses from several different agencies. The facility is currently adding 50 more patient beds, which will make the shortage even worse. I think the health care field is getting more patients that are more difficult to take care of, which causes more staff to be needed. I think the nursing shortage is only going to get worse because the baby boomer generation is starting to age and will require more nursing care.
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