Shortage Of Skilled Among South Australia At Present And Looks At Future Demand

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Why is there a shortage of skilled chefs in South Australia? Abstract This report identifies the reasons for shortage of skilled chefs in South Australia at present and looks at future demand and evaluates the need to attract international chef migrants to fulfil the demand. Skill shortages in the food service sector, specifically chefs has been an ongoing matter of concern in regional Australia which includes South Australia. Low apprentice and trainee wages has often been seen to explain the ongoing problem.

Unpleasant working conditions, poor quality training, a lack of support and low wages are contributing to both non-completion and a high degree of dissatisfaction. In addition, the increase in tourism and sporting events has increased the demand for skilled international migrant chefs since the local labour market is unable to fulfil this shortage. Introduction The skills shortage in Australia has long been a topic in economic and political circles. Chefs have been in short supply since 1999 (Jericho 2014). Chef occupation has always been on the skilled occupation list of the Department of Immigration and border protection.

Non completion of apprenticeships and traineeships is one of the main reasons due to which there is a skill shortage, especially in regional areas such as South Australia ( Snell & Hart 2014, p. 51). The shortage of skilled chefs has created a need for attracting overseas migrants.

South Australia is fast becoming an international tourist

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