Shortcoming Of Education

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The Shortcomings of Education The American system of education is failing to develop critical thinking in children while also teaching them to be dependent and submissive to a higher authority. In this system, American children are being viewed as educational machines in a social hierarchy where they are at the bottom while also only being taught surface level information of any subject. American education instills in children a mentality where children have a fear of failure, lack confidence, have no passion for learning, while also losing their independence and ability to problem solve. All these issues which come from our education system lead to lower test scores compared to other developed countries and the eventual slowdown of economic progress. In America, children are trained to absorb information given by teachers and recall it at a later date regardless of whether they understand the concept or not. As stated by Freire, “The student records, memorizes and repeats these phrases without perceiving what four times four really means or realizing the true significance of ‘capital’ in the affirmation ‘the capital of Pará is Belém.” (Freire 244) This system promotes surface level understanding of concepts and punishes those who either cannot recall information or would go explore different concepts for the answer. The educational system is very rigid not allowing students to diverge from the educational path that has been set for them. This also prevents students from
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