Should A Heart Transplant Continue? Essay

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It is widely recognised that conducting violent research against moral is a crime, such as the experiments at the Nazi camp. However, it is a controversy on how to treat the results from these unethical researches. In my point of view, the results are separate from the moral obligations to the researcher, although the suffering and rights should be seriously respected. The results from unethical researches should be accessible to the public due to its value and validity, but should also be published and referenced under restrictions.
Despite the methodology of a research is unethical, its results can still be used ethically and provide benefits to the society. Although the experiment is tainted with violence, the scientific data stand neutral. They are objective facts that exist in nature. They should be allowed to be accessed and used ethically for a greater interest. Baruch C. Cohen has raise an interesting scenario: should a heart transplant continue to proceed if the doctor has murdered the donor to obtain the heart? In this situation, the donor is dead and there is no way to save him, yet the receiver can potentially survive with the new heart. Although the heart is tainted by unethical procedure, but it is clear that the transplant should continue to maximise the overall benefit. Same applies to the research results. We cannot reverse what has been done to the participants, but at least the results should cherished and used to save more lives. Some of the data obtained
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