Should A Motorcycle Be An Outlaw That Is The Question

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To Be or Not To Be an Outlaw That Is the Question As a result of many years of growing up around fast cars and motorcycles, I became very interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle. Of course, once I was old enough to learn to ride my parents feared the idea of their oldest child being on a bike because of the risk of being hurt or even at the worst case of death. But, that never changed my mind on getting a motorcycle. So once I saved for several years. The day had finally come; I was so excited I could not wait to purchase a motorcycle. So my husband and I went to go look at a gorgeous 2007 GSXR 600; in which I purchased. After, about a year of riding the bike my husband introduced the idea of being a part of a motorcycle club. I…show more content…
The first type of signal that is used to indicate that someone sees a cop is to pat the top of their head; anytime someone sees a cop they will do this to warn others in the group. A second type of signal is the hand signals to show the people riding in the group on if they are turning left or right. The hand sign for turning left is to hold your left arm straight out and the signal for turning right is extend the left upper-arm out to the left horizontally and angle your forearm vertically. The hand signs for left and right are almost always done when the patch member has a passenger. In addition the rider will also use his or her turn signals on the bike. The reason for the extra signals are to ensure others on the road can see what the members on the motorcycles are intending to do. I learned the values and norms of the MC world. As a patch member the club is a second family. The members in the group are your brothers and sisters. In addition to them being your family respect is a big deal when being in the club. Respect is earned and not giving to anyone. Also in an MC there are guidelines for how the group is supposed to ride. In the MC world the club will either ride two bikes side by side or in a stagger style. The reason for having a certain way to ride is for the safety of the people in the group. The stagger style is more known in the motorcycle club that
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