Should A Police Officer Conduct Affected His Job?

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Policemen not only have to follow a set of rules and legislation, but they also must behave in a decent manner while on duty as well as off duty. Unfortunately, nobody is perfect, and police officers also make wrong decisions that could jeopardize the integrity of their police department. Often people do something that they know is wrong. However, they still do it because they feel no harm will come to them or they think nobody would ever find out. For instance, cheating on a test is wrong, but people do it because they think they can get away without the professor finding out. There was a case where a police officer conduct affected his job. On June 26th, 2013 a Grapeland, Texas officer was fired because of his unethical behavior. Apparently, the police officer was at a party. The police officer allowed a female at the party to wear his gun belt with his loaded gun, ammunition and Taser still on the belt. The woman was holding an alcoholic drink while wearing the officer duty rig. A person at the party took pictures of the female wearing the gun gear and posted them on social media. Once several individuals saw the pictures online, they complained to the Chief of Police. Consequently, Chief Franklin terminated officer because his behavior went against the law enforcement code of ethics. Chief Franklin said, "All of our guys understand the ramifications of being irresponsible with their firearms, with their weapons and with their position in the city " (Beames. 2013).
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