Should Abortion Be A Pro Choice?

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Pro-choice believers support the idea that women have the choice to do what they want with their bodies. In the article, “Yes, I’m Pro-Abortion,” Lauren Rankin asserts that being Pro-Choice means accepting abortion as one of the choices women have the right to make. Rankin says that abortion is not available for all women, especially a woman of color and low-income woman. The author also mentions that it sidelines abortion and delegitimizes the valid choice. I agree that if one chooses to be Pro-Choice, then one also accepts abortion as one of the choices women have the right to make because of individual rights and safety.
Women should have the right to choose abortion as a Pro-Choice option because every women should be entitled to individual rights. No one body of people should have a say in the restriction of abortion procedure, especially when this body of people is not affected by it. Congress is generally made up of rich white men, and because they are the “superior race” and relatively rich, these men would not understand what it feels like to lack financial support. These men have created a financial barrier to separate women who can have abortions and women who cannot. Low-income women do not have money to begin with; therefore, making it hard for them to get financial help when congress has created an obstacle for low-income women and women of color. Similarly, these men do not have a women’s reproductive system to make decisions for the women. Since…

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