Should Abortion Be A Viable Option?

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Introduction: Incompetency should be considered in all factors of life. More so when it comes to pregnancy and children. Tina, a 19 year old with self-destructive history has found herself pregnant and incapable of supporting herself or anyone else. Due to living conditions, mental stability, and financial status bringing a child into the world would be morally wrong. The right course of action would be to abort the pregnancy, preventing any damage to the child in the future.

Reason 1: Utilitarianism is a consequential theory; a theory where the outcome or consequence are viewed far higher than the action itself. Actions that are deemed to impact one’s life for the greater good and inflict the greatest happiness for others are the only actions to be considered. Medically this applies to procedures that may hold moral ambiguity like abortion. Abortion according to utilitarian ethics is neither right nor wrong. When a mother is incompetent, and mentally incapable of raising a child to full term then abortion should be a viable option. In the case with 19 year old Tina, Her mother barely has any funds to support their struggling family. There are added difficulties with Tina’s history with drug abuse and prostitution. It is apparent that the addition of a child and all of the needed expenses would negatively impact Tina and her mother. Tina and her mother benefit greatly from aborting the pregnancy. They would be able to take care of themselves and seek out their own
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