Should Abortion Be Banned For A Solid And Fact Based Argument? Essay

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Good, Chris. (March 12, 2013). “Why have so many states banned abortions.” ABC News.

Good’s article, “Why have so many states banned abortions,” offers an insight to the states that actually have put a ban on women’s right to abortion. This article offers a straight forward, non opinionated view into why some states have banned abortion. The article begins with stating that since 2010, 10 states have passed outright bans on abortions. Good is stating the facts, not leaning toward either side of the spectrum. Good’s use of statistics and several different examples of states that have already banned abortion, helped me as a reader to find factual evidence concerning this topic. His use of straightforward dialogue and discussion of why states are banning abortion, make for a solid and fact based argument. I chose to use this source for my research paper because one of my research questions pertained to finding ways to outlaw abortion and what states already had. In my research paper I am planning on trying to persuade my readers to view abortion as immoral. While using this source, I was able to find many different statistics, each stating which states had banned abortion, when it was banned, and the specific types of restrictions each state had. When using this source in my paper I will be attempting to convince my readers that other states have began outlawing abortion and we need to push for more states to outlaw this immoral act as well. When writing a research
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