Should Abortion Be Banned?

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An abortion is an induced and sudden termination of pregnancy. There are two types of abortions, Medical and Surgical. The medical method involves taking two pills within 24 hours of each other thus killing the fetus, but this method is usually done during 3-7 weeks of pregnancy. The surgical method, on the other hand involves a doctor removing the inner lining of the womb, either manual vacuum aspiration or dilatation suction curettage. Both of these methods use a suction process. With MVA (manual vacuum aspiration) a handheld device is used, while D&C (or dilatation suction curettage) is done using a suction machine and other tools. The manual vacuum aspiration method can only be carried out during the first ten weeks of pregnancy, while dilatation suction curettage can be done only between week 5 and the start of week 14. The method involves separating the fetus into small parts and the parts are then sucked up by the machine. So you can see how brutally the fetus is terminated and why I think abortion must be banned. Abortion is also an act which violates human rights, technically because the baby in the mother’s womb also has the same right to life that we do. In 2003, there were approximately around forty-two million abortions per year globally, or 115,000 every day. This was a drop from forty-six million in 1995 (In Brief: Facts on Induced Abortion in the United States n.d.). Abortions are currently done by millions and millions of women worldwide
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