Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Abortion, to some it is the murder of an innocent fetus with a heartbeat. To others it is considered an option to be freed from the responsibilities of parenthood. We all have different views that can be controversial to the opinions of others. Yet, there are proven facts and cases where making abortion illegal is the best decision. Propaganda for Prolife is everywhere, but is there enough to show the world how wrong abortion is? I believe there is not, yet there are some very emotional advertisements that can change your whole perspective. Abortion should be considered illegal because it is considered murder and can have severe consequences for woman, and there are other options to chose instead of abortion. Abortion should be illegal, it is murdering of an innocent fetus. If a man were to kill another man, the murderer would be arrested and could possibly be given a lifetime sentence in prison. So when did man killing a baby become acceptable? In America, there are approximately 1.2 million abortions per year. Doctors have concluded that a baby’s heart is formed right after fertilization. Abortions can legally occur within twenty-four weeks of gestation, which is in the second trimester. I found an ad of an aborted fetus in its first trimester, ten weeks. It shows a quarter and little hands, arms, and feet surrounding the quarter. This ad shows that indeed, abortion is wrong because we are allowing the murder of a fetus that already developed arms, hands and fingers. It
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