Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Abortion is controversial in the United States; it seems impossible to have any accord or compromise on this topic because the views regarding it are so widely divergent. These views are based on whether people decide that priority should be given to treating women as rational beings and allowing them the autonomy to get an abortion or to enabling the development of a fetus. I believe that priority should be given to providing women with complete autonomy, but there are those who disagree, and act paternalistically toward women to ensure that a fetus fully develops. The personhood of a fetus is an important determinant of what should be prioritized in the discussion about abortion. Some people regard the fetus as being a person because…show more content…
Roman Catholic Natural law ethicists are unwaveringly opposed to abortion. They believe that all human beings have innate rights that should never be taken away from them. Since Roman Catholic Natural Law ethicists view fetuses as being people, they say that the rights of these fetuses should be recognized and that the refusal to recognize them is unethical. Consequently, Roman Catholic Natural Law ethicists believe that because abortions hinder the development of a fetus, they are unethical and should not be allowed, regardless of any restrictions of the autonomy of women. I disagree with Roman Catholic Natural Law ethicists. In my opinion, fetuses are not people, accordingly, they do not have rights, and abortion is not unethical. Moreover, I believe that the self-determination of a human being should be recognized in all situations, so prioritizing the development of a fetus over the autonomy of a woman is wrong. Telling a pregnant woman that she must give birth is appallingly paternalistic, and I do not believe that it is ethical. The body of a woman is her own, and when a person says that she is not allowed to terminate a pregnancy, that person is restricting her control over what belongs to her. They are disregarding her circumstances in favor of allowing a fetus to develop and I believe that this is wrong. Additionally, requiring that pregnant women give birth

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