Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Abortion one of the top controversies ever debated although there are many controversies out there to debate about abortion. From whether or not abortion should be legal to why abortion is or is not murder. I’m going to express whether or not abortion is murder or not. I strongly believe having an abortion is murder I don’t believe it’s right under no circumstances. Whether it’s rape, incest or you simply just do not want the child abortion is not the answer when you have so many other options. The definition of abortion is “the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy”. The definition of termination is “the action of bringing something or coming to an end”. To bring something to an end in this case means to kill it so how is this not murder in the eyes of society? Abortion was completely illegal in the US until 1973 can we go back to those days? Abortions are not cheap I feel as if as much money you put into an abortion is money you could use to work towards keeping your child. I really don’t believe this should be legal in the United states of America period. Murdering isn’t legal so why should having an abortion be legal it’s the same act of violence.
I personally haven’t had an experience where I was pregnant and had to make a decision, but I have a sister who was faced to make a choice and she chose the option that would affect us forever. My sister who I am very close to I look up
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