Should Abortion Be Legal?

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When a woman chooses abortion she is killing a human, right? Wrong. There is no issue more polarized than abortion (Green 1). This issue is one that everybody recognizes and some do not seem to want to acknowledge. The abortion controversy is usually split between two sides: pro-life and pro-choice, where pro-life promoters see to that abortion should never be an option no matter what and pro-choice believers are for the idea of personal freedom and a woman choosing whether to get an abortion or not. No social issue in America since slavery has ever been as divisive as that of abortion (Messerli 1). Concerning abortion, a study done by the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform shows researchers that there are “approximately 3,700 abortions per day” (“Abortion Facts” 1). The government should keep abortion legal because it helps women when they need it most. One main issue dealing with this controversy is religion, which is why so many people oppose abortions. Many people believe that their religious beliefs should decide what happens with everyone’s life. Roedy Green, a well known activist, believes that “[a] purely religious argument rightly has no place in law” (Green 2). Another idea that is recognized by the general pro-life population is that abortion is a form of murder and should not be accepted by the public. Even though these ideas circulate, abortion is the choice of a woman and it should not be influenced by any law that the government might pass because some

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