Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Abortion is a personal matter and is a very sacred and sensitive topic. The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy is what we know of as an abortion. Although abortion is considered to be immorally wrong to some people, it should be a fundamental right for women to control their own bodies.
Abortions are one of the many things that everyone has an opinion on. It is one of the most controversial topics anyone will not agree upon. When abortion is discussed, people tend to assume one of two positions: “pro-life” or “pro-choice.” Pro-life is the view that the woman should not have the ability to terminate a human life. Pro-choice is the belief that the woman carrying an unborn baby should be given the right to decide whether the baby
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Planned parenthood is the center of attention in the abortion debate in the U.S. It has also been the biggest target for pro-life activists to shutdown the organization. However, Planned Parenthood claims that it does not use the tax money to fund abortion services. On a psychological standpoint, women tend to have lifelong regrets after having an abortion. Young women are usually ignorant on their decisions because of their insufficient experience with life. They tend to not fully understand what they are doing and this may cause psychological stress and pain. According to the American Pregnancy Association, “Potential side effects include: regret, anger, guilty feelings, shame eating disorders, depression, anxiety, insomnia etc.” Pro-Choice activists have set arguments for the services of abortions and why women should be given a choice. Abortions are safe and legal medical procedures that mostly take place in the first couple of months of after conception. New studies have shown that it is safer than giving childbirth. “Although more than half of states counsel women on the risks of abortion, a study published online Monday in Obstetrics & Gynecology finds that a legal abortion is actually far safer than giving birth” (Rochman).
Controversy on rape and incest are the main arguments
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