Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Abortion is has been a hot topic, since federal law protected a woman 's right to choose an abortion in the court case Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 (“How Did Abortion Become Legal?”). Roe v. Wade was a woman named Norma McCorvey who was not married but was pregnant who wanted an abortion. The Texas law denied her request to get an abortion, so she filled a federal lawsuit to have the Texas law declared unconstitutional. She argued that it was her right to decide if she wanted to get an abortion or not. The U.S. Supreme Court agreed with her and she was allowed to get an abortion (“How Did Abortion Become Legal?”). Since 1973, pro-life activists have mentioned things that might make you think twice about getting an abortion. Pro-life supporter’s arguments against abortion often lacks the truth. Therefore, pro-life activists should use credible evidence to support their accusations. The first fact that pro-life activist has stated to support their fight against abortion is that abortion can cause breast cancer. A brochure written by pro-life supports stated, “The Institute of Medicine lists abortion as a risk factor for having a premature birth in subsequent pregnancies…early premature birth increases the mother’s breast cancer risk (Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Risk). However, studies have proven that abortion causing breast cancer is a myth. According to the American Cancer Institute, in February 2003, a panel of experts convened by the National Cancer Institute to

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