Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Abortion has been around for many years. It is a very popular method to rid the woman’s body of an unborn child. Overtime the laws have changed drastically about abortion and women’s rights. Back in the 13th century abortion was considered homicide and was punishable by hanging. Later it became legal only if it was necessary to save a woman’s life. Eventually things got out of hand and abortion was banned completely, then slowly the laws came back into play after half a century (Rich and Wagner). Abortion for many people is considered okay as long as it is the woman’s choice, but other people think it is wrong and should be considered as murder to a human life. Although abortion is a very hot topic in today’s society is it really the best choice to ban abortion or should we leave it up to the women to choose? In this paper I will discuss the causes behind all the abortion topics and answer questions that many of us are asking to this day. When it comes to abortion there are two types of people. There are anti-abortionists and there are people that support abortion. The anti-abortionists are people who strongly disagree with abortion and feel that it needs to be banned completely. They are usually people that are typically very religious. There are many pro-life organizations around the world that are trying to shut down abortion clinics. One of the pro-life organizations is called “The National Right to Life.” Their mission is to “protect and defend the most fundamental

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