Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Abortion in my opinion should be illegal, there are people in this world who simply cannot have children of their own. There are other options available than one choosing to end a pregnancy. Abortion is a touchy subject, but just like an other debate there is two sides. In this case one is either Pro-life, or Pro-choice. Pro-life is when one is 100% against abortion and believes that life begins at conception, which means abortion at any stage of pregnancy is considered murder. They also believe that life whether born or unborn is precious, and that the life of the unborn is just as valuable as the born. Then there is pro-choice, where one believes that the parents of the fetus should have the choice to either follow through with the pregnancy or to terminate. The definition of abortion is the act of removing a human embryo or fetus from the uterus of a pregnant woman prior to the completion of the full term of pregnancy.” Abortions have always been and will always be a topic that no one will ever agree upon. Some Pro-abortionists claim that the anti-abortionist are completely against women having rights and the choice rather than the abortion in itself. Pro-life and pro-choice have different opinions, mainly in the fact of where life begins, and the side effects abortions have on the mothers, politics, and how religion plays in on abortions.
To truly understand any topic it is important to have a good explanation. This does not exclude the history behind it and the
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