Should Abortion Be Legal?

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The definition of abortion is quite simple. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often done within the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Any life is precious, no matter if it is wanted nor unwanted. The way that a woman’s body can change within a few weeks and how much a baby can develop is pretty magical. When a couple have intercourse, they obviously know the consequences. Consequences being that if you do not use protection then a baby will be the outcome. Abortion is immoral and it is the killing of a precious human that has no say in anything just yet. When these adults are even questioning about having an abortion, they need to ask themselves, is it right killing a life that can later effect the world in some…show more content…
To end an innocent child’s life using rather horrific procedures is not only wrong for doctors to perform, but it is morally wrong. When couples think about their options when having a child there are three options. One being that you can keep the baby, second being you can put it up for adoption, and lastly you can have an abortion. The people that usually have these abortions are younger women who do not fully understand what they are doing to a precious human life, or there are a selected few adults that know in their pregnancy that they will have very many complications and it would risk the child’s life anyways. Abortion is wrong in every way possible because it is wrongfully killing a human being that has no say in anything. This human can have a life, dreams, wishes, etc. Instead of having so many abortions these women can put these children up for adoption, so that other families get the chance to be able to have a family when they are not able to have their own. Another way that abortion is morally wrong is the fact that when a woman has an abortion it could later lead to having too many difficulties in later pregnancies in life if they do end up wanting children in their later future. Complications for example be that they could have later miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies being that this fetus develops outside of the womb, also being called a tubal pregnancy. Another reason that abortion
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