Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Imagine being a teenager in today’s society who got pregnant. What would you do? Telling your parents is not an option because you are terrified of their reaction and you do not want to put that stress on them. Keeping the baby will not work because you are not financially stable (you are still in high school) and your parents definitely will not support that decision. You are not even sure if you are pregnant, that is just what the CVS brand pregnancy test said. What is your next step? Abortion? Maybe you do not support abortions. Adoptions? Ideal, but you are not sure where to go for adoption referrals. What options do you have?
Well, what if you knew about an organization that could provide you with guidance and options? What if your school taught you about this so-called organization? You could talk to professionals about what your next move is and, even without insurance, they figure out ways to help no matter what. That “organization” would be Planned Parenthood. Being an 18 year old who has had health class in high school, I can say that I was not educated on Planned Parenthood. Even if teenagers do not support Planned Parenthood and are against the organization, they should still be educated on the subject. I suggest school systems find a way to fit teaching students about Planned Parenthood into the school curriculum because everyone should know what options they have.
Planned Parenthood in our Society
Planned Parenthood is a non-profit
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