Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

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When the word abortion is heard, it is always associated with many negative things such as murder and inhumanity. However not legalizing abortion creates a huge problem for women around the world. Having a child takes consideration, planning and preparation and if pregnancy happens without any of this, why bother to have it at all? The reasons why abortion should be legal is that it supports the fundamental human rights for women by giving them a choice, it reduces crime by reducing the number of children growing up non-optimal conditions, and supports my opinion that abortion is not murder. Abortions should be legalised worldwide because this gives women their fundamental rights as a human beings. If we do not legalise this, it automatically overlooks one of the many human rights: the rights to privacy. Why does the government have say in someone else’s life? Don’t the mothers have control over what they do with their bodies? Statistics say that all women choosing abortion, 52% are under 25. Teenagers account for 19% and women 20-24 account for 33%. Abortions allow women the right to make their own choice, about whether or not they want to have children in relation to their age, the financial state and their relationship. Again I believe it is not the place of the government to legislate against women’s or any human beings choices since they do not know what their background is. In the US Supreme Court, they have declared abortions to be a “fundamental right” guaranteed by

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