Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

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Coins have two sides, and so do arguments. The argument/controversy in this paper is whether or not psychologists should or should not have prescription privileges. Define what a psychologist is. Define what a psychiatrist is. Psychologist versus psychiatrist. There is more schooling (education requirements) for a psychiatrist. Identify what it means to have prescription privileges. One side to the argument is that psychologists should not be allowed to have prescription privileges. There are several issues in regards to allowing prescription privileges for psychologists, including identity issues, less treatment options, authority problems, education requirements, and much more. Once psychologists are given prescription privileges, they will have difficulties in maintaining their identity (McGrath, 2004). Psychologists use a psychological approach to understand mental disorders, but allowing them prescription privileges could change their ways to be more like psychiatrists in which traditional psychotherapy and assessment skills are lost (McGrath, 2004). Allowing medications to become a main treatment for mental disorders could possibly reduce other treatment options that psychologists have to offer (McGrath, 2004). Another main concern is that the field would have to be under the influence of the pharmaceutical industry as the medical profession (McGrath, 2004). Also, in order to receive prescription privileges there are several training requirements that must be

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