Should Abortion Be Legalized?

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Abortion has become a common argument topic in America; numerous individuals consider themselves pro-life and others pro-choice. Those who consider themselves pro-life oppose abortion, while those who are pro-choice advocate for abortion to be legalized. I believe that abortion should be illegal and that life should be recognized upon conception. Almost all abortions occur during the first trimester when the fetus cannot live outside of the mother’s body. People who are pro-choice believe that “at birth, a baby is a human life. At conception, it 's something, perhaps, but it 's not really a human life (McDowell).” In other words when the baby has a heart beat it is not a human life. Or when the baby is kicking inside the mother’s womb it is not a human life. The child is not a human life until it is outside of the mother’s body. In the case of rape or incest, forcing a woman made pregnant by this violent act would possibly cause further psychological harm to the victim (Lowen). More often than not the woman who was sexually assaulted is too afraid to speak up against her attacker. People who are pro-choice support the advocating and legalizing of abortion. Those who are pro-choice believe that the woman should have the choice in whether or not their child should live. I understand in some cases like rape the woman might want to abort the child and in some peoples eyes they would have all the right in the world to. In the case of rape the woman might not know she is

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