Should Abortion Be Legalized?

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The meaning of abortion is the induce expulsion from the womb before it is able to take the shape of a human being. Abortion is a big matter because many people are against it; there are people that assume the woman should have the choice to choose. I strongly believe that abortion is wrong, there are many options out there. Most people believe it should be the woman’s choice. There are many reasons why women choose abortion a like a birth control failure, inability to support or care for a child, Pregnancy resulting from rape or incest and many more. Some people believe pregnancy can occur in the wrong place at the wrong time can have a lifelong impact on a woman 's ability to raise a family and earn a living. A known statistic type is that when you become young pregnant and in school that most likely the female will drop out. According to About News less than half of teens who become mothers before age 18 will drop out. College students who become pregnant and give birth are also less likely to complete their education than their peers. In my opinion when a female chooses to have sex without any type of protection or prevention she is asking to get pregnant. If a person decides to have sex whether she uses a condom or not, she must take action and face the consequences. When a woman gets pregnant, it is usually her decision, not the male’s decision, because she is the one carrying the baby. Although it takes two to conceive. The reason why abortion is wrong because it

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