Should Abortion Be Legalized?

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Abortion across America Teenage pregnancy has become a norm in America. Sex education is gradually losing significance among the youth. Despite the wide range of contraceptives, many young women are continually getting pregnant. Additionally, the number of young boys and girls ruining their lives at an early stage as a result of quick moments of pleasure is alarming. Moreover, the advancement in technology is an increasingly contributing factor to the high rates of teenage pregnancy (Garfield 34). Numerous strategies have been put in place to advocate for the need to abstain until marriage, but all that has been in vain. As a result, young women need to be granted the choice to safely abort an unwanted child and not have to worry about other obscure ways to free themselves from this baggage (Jabour 54). Many individuals, different religions and some societies and organizations will be of the view that abortion should not be legalized at all based on various arguments. In addition, some may argue that it is against the customs and virtues of the society while others may be of the view that “it endangers the mother’s life” (Garfield 45). Although this may be true, couldn’t the same argument be made about openly giving our teenagers access to condoms and birth control? Nevertheless, the fact that access to contraceptives will promote teenage intercourse, does not counteract the risks these teenagers are exposed to when denied contraceptives (Jabour 66).

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