Should Abortion Be Legalized?

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Today many people are against women having an abortion, no matter what situation they are in, the point of women having their own rights should include whether they choose to have their own kid or not. The United States today is very divided on the whole abortion issue, typically republicans are against it calling theirselves “pro-lfe” and democrats are typically for abortion and they call theirselves “pro-choice.” Abortion had been practiced in the United States ever since 1880, but it wasn 't legalized nationwide until 1973. Up until that point there were some states that had it legalized, but in the famous court case Roe vs Wade, it was finally legalized throughout all of the United States. But it is still a big issue in the United…show more content…
Out of all of these cases of rape pregnancies only 24% of the victims received medical attention after the attack, and lots of times the pregnancies go undetected until the second trimester (Hollander 244). Many times the women never receive counseling for the fact that they could possibly be pregnant, so lots of times the women are forced to have a late abortion when they find out that they actually are pregnant. There are also many rapes pregnancies that occur in adolescents, sometimes the victims can range from ages 12-17, and in this case the victim was nine years old. The nine year old rape victim had her life saved from an abortion, two Brazilian doctors performed an abortion on a nine year old who was pregnant from being raped by her step father. She was too small to carry a baby around and give birth to one that if she would have it would have ended fatally (Fisichella 18). Although that might be a very rare case, the slightest chance of something like that happening is obviously possible, and banning abortion definitely wouldn 't help out with an issue like that. Another problem with not having an abortion when one is pregnant from being raped is having an unwanted relationship with the rapist. In one case a 14 year old high school girl Jane was raped and ended up being pregnant from the assault, she gave birth to the kid and received child support from her rapist. But he ended up petitioning for visitation with the

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