Should Abortion Be Permissible?

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Subject: Whether abortion is legalized or illegal, abortion is Immoral (Presidential debates) Abortion is a very delicate issue that we heard about a lot the last two years from the political debates of our country. Many people from the democrat and the republican parties had repetitively debated whether or not an abortion should be tolerable or not tolerable. Some considered that ending the life of a human fetus is very bad and should not be permissible at all. Republican Party alleged that abortion is like committing murder as it is killing a human fetus. The Democratic Party felt that the mother have the right to make a choice of keeping or aborting the fetus, and it is not assassination until the baby is brought to life. The…show more content…
A living being does not have to be a person to have an intrinsic moral value and rights. By giving this argument, people might ask what about the mother? The mother has the right of ending her fetus’s life under any circumstance for any reason at any time in her pregnancy. During the debate, Pro-choice argued that there are moments when abortion is acceptable to be done. For example: when complications happen during pregnancy and the mother can be hurt then it is ok to abort. “It is Important to understand the numerous philosophies that go behind abortion” Hilary Clinton said. The right of ending fetus life for a mother must be left on her personal decision since she only understands her circumstance, not the government. The mother accepted to be the “host body” for the upcoming baby for the next nine months and according to Hillary Clinton the democratic presidential nominated, the mother should have the right to decide if she wants to keep a baby that she been rape from or end the pregnancy. But is that moral? Almost everyone believed that human fetus has intrinsic value and infinite worth, therefore has an absolute value to live. For example when pregnant women decided to give birth to a fetus that is inside her womb, then everyone in the society and the law gives value to the fetus. In the other hands, if the pregnant
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