Should Abortion Really Be Legal?

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Abortion is a critical topic that many people like to avoid arguing about. Abortion is currently legal and many “mothers” have aborted their baby. Abortion is a sensitive thing to consider and talk about for many, but it should be discussed and argued about. Abortion terminates a pregnancy after so much time has passed, that’s ending a life of another. Babies don’t ask to come into the world, but these doctors who are supposed to be saving lives are ending many of them. Abortion should not be legal.

Murdering people is illegal, so why isn’t abortion?Abortion ends lives of innocent human being, it is murder. Only one percent abortions are because of rape, and the highest percentage of abortions are because they are not ready for that responsibility and because they can’t financially support the child . That forty-two percent of abortions could be solved by adoption. Abortion is inhumane, it is literally making doctors and mothers murderers. Yes, they don’t think of a fetus as a human being, but it is. A fetus has a right to live just like everyone else does. People need to learn that murdering a fetus is the same as murdering a human outside of the womb. Women do not get that they are murdering, they think they are being reasonable, they think they are doing the right thing, but they are not. Murdering is wrong according to a lot of people, according to our country, but abortion is murder and they don’t consider that wrong. Hmm, isn’t that something, it isn’t okay to
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