Should Abortion be Legal?

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Introduction One of the most sustained debates over time has been whether to legalize or not to legalize abortion. While some individuals remain hostile towards any move to legalize abortion, others citing a wide range of reasons strongly support the legalization of the same. In my opinion, abortion remains inherently wrong and there can never exist any justification whatsoever to warrant its legalization. Why Abortion should not be Legal To begin with, whichever way one looks at it, abortion essentially concerns itself with the premature termination of the life of a living being. In fact, there are those who equate abortion to murder. According to Naden (2007), pro-life arguments postulate that "a human being begins at the moment of conception." If life does indeed start at conception, the author is of the opinion that apart from being considered immoral, abortion should also be regarded as murder as it results in the termination of human life. It is important to note that based on the evidence presented by a wide range of biological and scientific writings, the formation of a human being takes place at the time of conception. Indeed, the baby can be considered a living being right from the time of conception all the way to the time of birth and beyond. With that in mind, terminating the life of any unborn child after conception amounts to murder. In such a case, abortion should remain illegal, just like murder is. Secondly, legalizing abortion would amount to

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