Essay about Should Adult Content Music Be Removed from the Shelves?

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Frank Zappa really called it. As I was listening to him speak, I found myself in agreement with everything he said in the clip shown in Blackboard; much of what he, John Denver and Dee Snider said echoes my sentiments. I especially agree with his comments that the basis for the PMRC was a distraction from other issues that the Senate was attempting to sneak by an unsuspecting American public; furthermore, I believe this served as a means to further Al Gore’s political agenda. Tipper Gore resigning from the PMRC in 1992 after Al became vice-president proves just that. Additionally, I too believe that the Senate Committee hearings were an abuse of power, and also a major conflict of interest to head or preside as a member of any committee…show more content…
Does the 1st amendment protect their freedom of speech? Again, absolutely and resoundingly, yes. John Denver stated this eloquently, saying that suppression should not be tolerated in society and censorship is the first step to suppression; he continues on likening it to Nazi Germany; which banned and burned books.
Is their material "pornographic"? Explicit language, most definitely, pornographic, in my opinion, no. However, to others, maybe; since the word graphic can be used to mean illustrative, pictorial, drawn, diagrammatic, visual, in this sense, not necessarily. Used in the context of the other meanings of graphic; such as, explicit, lifelike, realistic, vivid, striking, detailed, full, clear, leaving nothing to the imagination, than I would say yes it could be considered pornographic.
Is the 2LC album cover derogatory towards women? I do not believe it is, the cover depicts women in thong bikini swim suits; which you see women wearing on beaches everywhere in the world.
Can you think of any example of men being placed in a sexist role similar to the depiction of women on the 2LC album cover? Yes, I can. On the cover and inside pages of Playgirl magazine; which was founded in 1973, during the height of the feminist movement in response to men's magazines such as Playboy, founded in 1953; and Penthouse, founded in 1965; which we all know featured similar photos of women.
Did the PMRC and the Parental Advisory
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