Should Adults Be Allowed To Fasten The Use Of Seat Belt Essay

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The issue of whether adults should be bounded to fasten the seat belt so long as they are aware of the dangers is a contentious one. Whilst the claim has its own proponent and opponents, I deem that it is beneficial to legally obligate all the memebers of the society to use the seat belts, including adults, because though they might be aware of the potential risks, there still exist myriad of uncertainties while poeple are driving or are sitting in a vehicle.

Many TV programs, newspaper articles and radio discussion are trying to inform people for the potential problems as the consequence of accidents. Yet, claiming that such information is adequate to preclude injuries and accidents is flawed. A person who knows that refusing to use seat
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A truck driver who did not sleep well the night before, for example, may causes a serious for who did fasten the seat belt. Moreover, the use of seat belt is not just for those who are driving the car. One who is a passenger in a public vehicles also should use the seat belt since in this case also the contolling components are much less than the previous case and , hence, the possibility of injuries and death is higher, though being informed about the potential consequences.

The most conducive issue here could be that the use of seat belt by and adult would encourage children to follow their parents and do so. This could be the most benefit which causes the habbits for the kids to follow legal rules in the future which has been roled by a benevolent law maker for their safety.

All these, however, I am of the opinion that the claim is not persuasive for not forcing the adults to use seat belts whilst they are are inform about the potential problems, since many uncerntainties abound which could be out of control, thus, it would be more justified to legally obligate all people to fasten the seat
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